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Crystal Ball
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Grew's Blues
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I'm No One Hit Wonder
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5 AM
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Sam N Da Fellas
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New World
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Through a profound process of discovery, the film composer works to create textures that enhance the picture. When successful, the resulting music becomes a seamless part of the story - a unique and emotional bedrock that adds fluidity, grandeur and intimacy to the scenes.

Special love and gratitude to my musical family of collaborators: Alfredo Hidrovo, Kevin Barry, Trevor Watkis. Caron Wheeler, Willard Dyson, Mulgrew Miller, Alex Harding, Robin Macatangay, Kenji Kikuchi, Boston Strings, Inc., Sam Newsome, Hyland Harris, Brent Nassy, Holly Palmer, Jojo Mayer. Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Susan Jacobs, and my brother in heaven Dwayne Burno.

Headphones are suggested  for listening. to the samples

The Other Side
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I HavePlans For You
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