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"I’ve seen old inmates so beat down they needed help just to take a shit. Withering away with not a chance of ever looking at the world again. One day I had a dream... I saw myself, years from now - like one of them bastards, and it scared the crap out of me. That’s all the motivation I needed bro."

Notorious criminal Kevin “The Fish” Fisher is released six months early from a fifteen-year prison sentence. As he steps out into a world he no longer recognizes - an old crime pal surfaces with a golden opportunity to tempt him back to the dark side.

But Kevin chooses to remain steadfast to his high goals of staying away from crime, finding a way to survive, keeping matters peaceful and most of all rekindling his relationship with his estranged daughter Nicole.

When Nicole rejects him, and his attempts at making a decent living prove impossible - it quickly becomes clear to Kevin that his goal of going straight may not be as easy as he thought. He now faces a major dilemma: return to crime and if caught risk never seeing Nicole again or walk the straight-and-narrow as a dreg in an unforgiving society.

As Kevin is forced to choose between righteousness and perdition – a bigger problem emerges in the form of a deadly adversary that threatens to tear his world asunder. Kevin must fight the battle of his life and face off this enemy while keeping his other goals in play.

Written by Seyi River


Genre: Crime, drama, family, dark

Themes: Family, karma, Retribution, Redemption.


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